Manchester Mistress Miss Torment

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Manchester Mistress Miss Torment

Manchester Mistress Miss Torment

I am Manchester Mistress Miss Torment, the ultimate Tie and Tease Manchester Mistress.

The Ultimate Tied & Teased Experience taken to a whole new mind blowing level of Frustration & Desire.

Enter my world of tight bondage, sensual touch, whispered threats and a caress that will leave you begging for release as I look you in the eyes as I torment you.

I have always prided myself in my gift of “magic fingers” not my words, but those of previous victims, that have seen many miscreants left in awe of my ability to tap not only into their pathetic man hoods but their minds too.

The intense and concentrated touch your body and soul experiences will consume you and become your soul focus as I work my “Magic Fingers” over your tense, taught and restrained body.

As I learn how your body reacts to my soft and exploratory touch, reading your reactions, my touch evolving as you reveal your weaknesses that I will seize upon.

I will take you to new heights of desire as the over whelming urge for release grips you like a vice. Making you beg so hard for release …. met with my chuckles as I mock your frustration at your position, all tied up and unable to escape my “Magic Fingers” as they dance over your flesh.

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